Unlike the swab (PCR) tests, our test looks for both current and past infections. If both antibodies are positive, you have a current infection. If only the long-lasting antibody (IgG) is positive, then we know that your infection is likely more than three weeks old, and you likely have immunity to getting infected again, at least for the next 12 months. As stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and the economy begins to open up, employers may require antibody tests like Covid-Rapid to determine which employees have probable immunity and are thus more safe to return to work sooner. In addition, we can protect those who haven’t been infected yet by offering employers the opportunity to test anyone with symptoms right there on the spot. Because it’s so cheap and easy, employers such as airlines, restaurants, factories and cruise ships can test employees every time they show up for work, limiting the likelihood that someone who is infected spreads it to their colleagues or customers in the workplace