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In-Depth Safety and Efficacy of Coronavirus Treatment: Remdesivir

Safety and Efficacy of Coronavirus Treatment: Remdesivir Early Discontinuation

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So far, there is no specific cure for Covid-19. A vaccine for the virus has not yet been found. Through the analysis of observational data and clinical trials, several treatment options have been approved. Remdesivir is one of the treatments being used in the treatment of Covid-19. 

The drug has been particularly useful in speeding the recovery of Covid-19. However, it is essential to note that the drug is only recommended to patients with severe cases who need mechanical ventilation. Remdesivir use is authorized for emergency for both children and adults and has been found to be very safe and effective. The drug will, therefore, be built on to find other treatment options for the virus. 

The drug, however, has its own set of limitations. For instance, it has been found not to have an effect on patients that have high mortality. Such patients fall under the category of patients intubated on ventilation or having oxygen added to their blood outside the body. 

To assess the effectiveness of the drug, data on 1,063 patients was analyzed. 538 of the patients were administered with Remdesivir, and another group of 521 were given Placebo. The study demonstrated that it took about 11 days for the patients who had taken Remdesivir to recover. On the other hand, the patients who had taken Placebo took 15 days to recover. There is still more to this data. The Remdesivir group expressed a mortality rate of 7.1%, while the placebo group had a mortality of 11.9%. As much as the statistics are considered insignificant in some platforms, they are still something. 

The authors who conducted this study also argued that the drug’s benefits were more pronounced in patients who were less sick. They believe in the possibility that at the beginning of the study, the patients had mild symptoms, resulting in low mortality. These are among the limitations of Remdesivir study. 

No conclusive data has been found regarding what should be considered as a severe case. Therefore, the results may not be enough to prove that the drug has any significance in reducing Covid-19 mortality. The study of the effect of the drug onpatients was discontinued before conclusive data was gathered. This has denied people the opportunity to determine whether or not the drug has any benefits in the coronavirus treatment. More results of the study will be released regarding the use of the drug in the care of the patients with moderate severity.

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