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Covid 19 Treatment: Tocilizumab Significantly Improves Outcomes

Medics, scientists, and researchers have been working day and night to get a Covid-19 breakthrough. So far, nothing conclusive has been established. This is the phase of data collection, clinical trials, and numerous observations, in a bid to find ways to tackle the virus. As hundreds of thousands are hospitalized, health agencies are taking this opportunity to find ways to manage the virus. Recent developments in New Jersey show that there is a drug tocilizumab that has demonstrated impressive survival capabilities. 

Epic created a data analysis platform for Covid-19 called RECOVERY. The platform was designed to compile the outcomes of more than 3,000 Covid-19 patients hospitalized in 13 different Meridian Health Hospitals in Hackensack across the entire New Jersey.

The efforts were in a bid to make a contribution in finding ways to tackle the virus in the country and in the world too. The data gathered had quite some interesting revelations. The data collected by the platform revealed that among 2512 of the patients hospitalized for Covid-19, 76% of them had been administered at least one dose of hydroxychloroquine. 

On the other hand, 59% of the patients received doses of both azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine. The findings of the data regarding the mortality rate of patients who had received hydroxychloroquine had no significant differences. 

The other set of data that was observed was that of ICU patients. The data set consisted of 547 patients admitted to the ICU. One hundred thirty-four of these patients were administered with tocilizumab. The analysis of this data had impressive results. The survival rate among patients who were given this drug was high. To break it down further, 56% of the patients who received the drug survived, unlike the 46% who had not gone through the tocilizumab therapy. 

Remember that this was just an observational study. As protocol requires, further clinical tests have to take place in order to ascertain the significance and efficiency of the drug in Covid-19 treatments. The observational data collected from Hackensack is very valuable in getting insights into Covid-19. The reason is that is has been one of the areas most affected by the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, this provides an opportunity for real data that will help uncover the effectiveness of the drug. 

Data is so far the best shot in tackling Covid-19

Being a new virus, and a crisis no one ever prepared for, data collection and observation is the best shot at dealing with the virus for good. The Hackensack data cannot be ignored. It demonstrates the effectiveness of the drug tocilizumab against other therapies. It is critical that data presented from a real-world demonstration given attention and taken for essential trials. The sooner this is done, the more lives will be saved. 

Tocilizumab is an immunosuppressive drug that is used to treat arthritis. There has already been a critical trial of the drug in France, and it shows promise in the treatment of Covid-19, after FDA approval. 

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