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Covid -19 Antibody Testing Failures/ Issues with Adventist health

Being a new virus, the progress of containing Covid-19 has been faced with many obstacles. There is the issue of hospitals lacking adequate equipment for treatment, especially in third world countries. The most common and most significant challenge, however, is being faced in the area of testing.

There has been a lot of concerns surrounding the reliability of the test results. More than 25,000 Covid-19 test results were rendered unreliable amidst concerns about a third party lab conducting the tests. AdventHealth, who conducted the tests, terminated their contract with the lab due to their lack of confidence in the reliability of the tests and unusual delays. 

AdventHealth has, however, be proactive about the ordeal, and is working around the clock to ensure that the testing failure issue is resolved. The organizations have offered directives to people they have been in contact with. Adventist Health has done an amazing job. Here is what the affected individuals need to do.

1. Retesting

This is a directive for the individuals that received positive results from the test. Since they were unreliable, there is a need for the affected persons to test again to ascertain if they are infected.

The same case applies to the people who tested negative for the virus. The results may not be accurate, and therefore a negative test result might turn out false. The only way to know if it is a true negative is taking another test.

2. Care and isolation

Persons who had received negative test results are encouraged to continue receiving care and staying isolated if there are suspicions of exposure. There is a chance that they are positive, but the results showed otherwise. If they are infected, they are likely to spread the virus, thinking that they are negative unknowingly. Seeking care is meant to protect them and also their loved ones. Remember that retesting is still critical. 

3. Yet to receive results from the lab

As aforementioned, one of the concerns that AdventHealth brought forward regarding the third-party lab is unacceptable delays. There is, therefore, a chance that you are yet to receive your results. If this is the case, there is no need to continue waiting: you will soon get a notification that you will not receive your results. 

This will require you to be retested in order to get reliable results. It is worth noting that AdventHealth has requested the lab to destroy the samples that are yet to be processed. 

What more do you need to know?

More companies across the U.S. have been allowed to offer diagnostic testing. While the goal was to avail more centers for testing, this move has its drawbacks. The most significant one is the accuracy of the results of the tests produced by the labs. This should, however, not worry you as AdventHealth will offer all the affected persons free testing. Also, if you had been previously tested and got negative results, with no symptoms so far, you can get another test. AdventHealth will offer you testing pending availability. 

There is an alternative for consumers who should ask their healthcare provider for a Covid-Rapid IgG / IgM test distributed by Covid Antibody Diagnostics. 

API COVID-RAPID Covid-19 kits are not the standard rapid test kits. They fill the gap the other test kits have not been able to fill. Here is what makes them unique.

As of May, 23 2020, our API kits show an aggregate of 93.44% Sensitivity & 98.04% Specificity on a sample size of 1,794. Switzerland, Belgium and Harvard showed 100% Specificity and accuracy on approximately 500 patients. 

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