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Can CBD Mitigate the Deadly Covid Cytokine Storm?

Can CBD Mitigate the Deadly Covid Cytokine Storm?

 Learn about what cytokines are and how they work. Get information on Covid cytokine storm, and how CBD can control it.  

The CBD industry in the United States is expected to hit a value of $25 billion by 2025. CBD has gathered alt of attention in the past decade as scientists and researchers continue to find health benefits of cannabinoids ever passing day. CBD products continue to show great promise after it was recently discovered that it could be useful in treating some of the Covid-19 symptoms. 

Well, what makes Covid-19 a dreaded disease is an immune response that different people have to it. The most feared response being the cytokine storm. 

What are cytokines? 

To understand how cytokines work, you need to know that the body fights pathogens with the help of innate immunity. The inborn defense instructs the body’s adaptive immune system to produce antibodies, which in turn kills the virus. Cell death and inflammatory response are the two main facets of innate immunity. 

When a pathogen is introduced to the body, macrophages, which are white blood cells, recognize the pathogens and produce proteins known as cytokines. These cytokines usually cause inflammation, which is also a signal to other cells to come and help. At the same time, the macrophages instruct the immune system to learn about the pathogens and produce antibodies. 

It is worth noting that the pathogens do not go down without a fight. To survive, they usually silence the inflammatory response caused by cytokines. This is done by preventing macrophages from releasing cytokines in the first place. Infected cells counteract the silencing by commit suicide or dying.

In other cases, the immune system might overreact, leading to the death of an infected person. This is known as the cytokine storm. A cytokine storm can lead to the blood vessels’ vasodilation, causing low blood pressure and injury of the blood vessels. The cytokine storm also causes a flow of the white blood cells to the lungs, where more immune cells are summoned and kill the cells that have been infected. This results in a lot of fluid and dead cells that cause organ failure. The cytokine storm gets to an irreversible point, which can be very detrimental to the person infected with Covid-19. 

CBD and Covid-19 cytokine storm

Cytokine storm being the centerpiece of Covid-19 pathology has been identified as one of the most dangerous things about the virus. One of the treatment strategies being used for Covid-19 is breaking the cycle of the cytokine storm. 

Canadian researchers have discovered that cannabinoids could prevent the immune system from overreacting, hence protecting the patient. Studies are underway regarding the use of cannabinoids in modulating cytokine storm. Cannabinoids are known for their anti-inflammatory capabilities, and this is what scientists are expecting to build on to create a CBD treatment for Covid-19. 

Five strains of CBD have already been found and have been brought forward to formulate a clinical trial for Covid-19. The strains identified are expected to work by controlling the immune response of Covid-19 hosts. The goal of the treatment is to ensure that the immune system maintains an adequate flow of cytokines to fight the virus, while at the same time preventing an overproduction. 

The CBD treatment will work by impacting the human endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for most of the body’s responses. The endocannabinoid system also has receptors that bind with cannabinoids.

CBD extracts may not directly serve as a cure for Covid-19. However, they will be used as an adjunct therapy, alongside another treatment to increase its effectiveness. So far, not much progress has been made in proving CBD’s effectiveness in mitigating cytokine storm in Covid-19. The new research is still undergoing peer review.

The next step is a clinical trial. Scientists and researchers are looking for support and partnership for this trial so that they are able to do randomized tests, which manifest better accuracy. The trials will aim to assess whether the addition of cannabinoid extracts in the treatment of Covid-19 can prevent cytokine storm and the severity of Covid pneumonia.

The good news is that an FSD Pharma based in Pennsylvania was granted permission by the Food and Drug Administration to submit an Investigational New Drug Application trial. The submission was done using a synthetic cannabinoid drug called ultra-micronized palmitoylethanolamide for Covid-19 treatment. The FDA is already conducting a trial in Australia, which is already in Phase 1. 

How much promise does this treatment have? Well, resulting from peer reviews, there are already 600 scientific papers that show that PEA has pharmacological and therapeutic effects. The papers attest to the effectiveness of the drug as a modulator and an anti-inflammatory solution. 

Once the FDA has approved the drug, a lot of progress will be made in finding a treatment for Covid-19. Patients will no longer succumb to Covid cytokine storm, which has proven to be a significant threat. 

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